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Updated for September 2011

Wish List Features for Registered, Logged in Users

  • Create and edit a wish list:
    • Click on the link to edit your wish list.
    • Add an item name, quantity and description.
    • Mark wish list items as "Granted" NEW!
      • Shows item checked-off with a line through it
    • Only the item name is required.
    • Up to 50 wish list items are allowed
    • Automatic Clean Up NEW!
      • Keeping the website "fresh" - wishlists that are more than 9 months old will now be hidden from the public.  To keep your wish list active you should log in and update it a few times each year.
  • Email your wish list
    • Enter an email address and your entire wish list will be emailed to the address.
  • Get links to your wish list
    • Get a link or bookmark directly to your own wishlist that you can email or put on any other website.
    • Sample: Teacher Wish List
    • Get a link or bookmark directly to your town's wishlist that you can email or put on any other website.
    • Sample: Town Wish List
  • Get image/buttons that link to your wish list NEW!

Account Features for Registered, Logged in Users

  • Overview
    • See an overview of your profile and wish list
  • Edit your profile
    • You can now add and edit your name, display name, title and grade.
    • Display Name: This is like a nickname. This will be used on your public wish list instead of your first and last names. This is convenient if students and parents know you by a different name. Examples to use are Ms. Jane Smith, Miss Jane, Dr. Smith, Science Team, Library, etc.
    • Real Name: This is the first and last name of the account creator.  Please use a human name so that we can better manage teacher wish lists.
    • School Name: You can now change your school name without needing to open a new account. NEW!
  • Change password
  • Close Account
    • A  form to help you help us when you want to close your account.  We will delete your information from TeacherWishLists.

Registration Process

  • Reset a forgotten password
  • Resend email confirmation NEW!
    • If you did not confirm your account through the confirmation email we sent, you can have it resent to you.

Website Features

  • Site Search
    • Site search in the left navigation bar helps visitors find you.  Note that search is through Google and it can take up to 30 days before new teachers and wish list items will show up in search results.
  • Print a Wish List NEW!
    • Wish lists now have links to "Print this Wish List" to get a well formatted print version of a wish list.
  • Share Teacher Wish Lists NEW!
    • Along with the sharing buttons that are available inside your account, others can get an image link to promote Teacher Wish Lists .com anywhere they think is appropriate.   Share & Promote

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