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Gobles, Michigan

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Nancy Lumbert
MS/HS Library
Gobles High School - Gobles, MI
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Anderson, Laurie Hal 1 Ashes 
Applegate, K. A. 1 Isolation (Remnants) 
Applegate, K. A. 1 Begin Again (Remnants) 
Barron, T. A. 1 Heartlight 
Bass, Guy 1 Stitch Head The Spider's Lair 
Black, Jonah 1 Run, Jonah, Run 
Black, Jonah 1 Faster, Faster, Faster 
Brooks, Terry 1 Straken 
Carter, Ally 1 United We Spy 
Collins, Tim 1 Dorkius Maximus in Pompeii 
Cowell, Cressida 1 How to Speak Dragonese 
De La cruz, Melissa 1 The Gates of Paradise 
Dessen, Sarah 1 Infinity 
Dessen, Sarah 1 The Moon and More 
Donbavand, Tommy 1 Claw of the Werewolf 
Donbavand, Tommy 1 Skull of the Skeleton 
Donbavand, Tommy 1 Invasion of the Normals 
Donbavand, Tommy 1 Attack of the Trolls 
Duane, Diane 1 A Wizard of Mars 
Emerson, Kevin 1 The Vampire's Photograph 
Emerson, Marcus 8 Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja books 1-8 
Evans, Richard Paul 1 Rise of the Elgen (Michael Vey) 
Evans, Richard Paul 1 Hunt For Jade Dragon (Michael Vey) 
Ewing, Lynne 1 Escape (Sons of the Dark) 
Ewing, Lynne 1 Barbarian (Sons of the Dark) 
Forman, Gayle 1 Just One Year 
Green, John 1 Zombicorns 
Green, John 1 An Abundance of Katherines 
Green, John 1 The War For Banks Island 
Haddix, Margaret P. 1 Sought 
Held, Rhiannon 1 Silver 
Held, Rhiannon 1 Tarnished 
Hopkins, Ellen 1 Burned 
Hunter, C. C. 1 Awake at Dawn 
Hunter, C.C. 1 Taken at Dusk 
Hunter, Erin 1 Darkness Falls 
Hunter, Erin 1 The Empty City 
Jinks, Catherine 1 Evil Genius 
Kenyon, Sherrilyn 5 Chronicles of Nick 1,2,4,5,6 
Lloyd, Dirk 1 Dark Lord: Eternal Detention 
Lloyd, Dirk 1 Dark Lord: School's Out 
Lowry, Lois 6 Number the Stars 
Mass, Wendy 1 The Last Present 
Mass, Wendy 1 Finally 
Mercer, Sienna 1 Lucky Break 
Ogden, Charles 1 Under Town 
Ogden, Charles 1 Tourist Trap 
Oliver, Lauren 1 Rooms 
Patterson, James 1 How I Got Lost In London 
Perez, Marlene 1 Dead is Just a Dream 
Shusterman, Neal 1 Ship Out of Luck 
Skye, Obert 1 Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder 
VanDraanen, Wendeli 1 Sammy Keyes and the Dead Giveaway 
VanDraanen, Wendelin 1 Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen 
VanDraanen, Wendelin 1 Sammy Keys and the Power of Justice Jack 

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