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Gobles, Michigan

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Jordan Blanchard
MS Special Education
Gobles Middle School - Grade: 6th & 7th - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Jordan Blanchard
Calculators 10 Students would use basic calculators to assist them in math. They do not need to be graphing calculators. 
Hand Sanitzier 5 Large size 
Headphones 10 Students often need headphones to listen to videos and other audio for assignments. 
Kleenex 15 Any would be appreciated! 
Lysol Wipes 5 Any would be appreciated! 
Scissors 10 I would love normal-sized scissors for my students to use while in my classroom. 
Sharpies 10 Black sharpies 
Small trampoline 1 students with Autism or other sensory needs would benefit from a small trampoline. 
Washable Markers 1 Students would enjoy a large classroom set of markers. 
White board markers 32 Assorted colors 
Veronica Blaschka Peterson
History & English Education
Gobles Middle School - Grade: 7, 8, 10 - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Veronica Blaschka Peterson
Amazon Gift Card 1 Buy non-fiction books for the individual unit with the seniors. I usually buy their books for them when they cannot afford it 
Composition Notebook 100 The comp books that have that black sewn together binding. They are usually 25 cents. 
Stapler 1 They break often 
tape 3 duct tape, gorilla tape, packaging tape 
Julie BoesGobles Elementary - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Julie Boes
comp web cam w/mic 3 desktop computer webcam with mic for technology video projects (amazon) 
large erasers 6  
pencil top erasers 50  
pencils 24  
poster board 6 any color, larger size 
white board markers 6  
Carrie Butler
MS/HS Art teacher
Gobles High School - Grade: 7-12 - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Carrie Butler
Acrylic Paint 999 any color - tubes preferred to jars 
Brushes 72 Any type of mid-grade/quality brush 
Colored Pencils 48 24 Color Sets (or larger) of Crayola or Prismacolor brand 
Crayola Markers 999 any colors - especially black 
Elmer's Glue 30 small bottles 
India Ink 24 small jars or larger jars for refilling what I have 
Oil Paint 999 any color, any size tube, Windsor Newton preferred 
Plaster 36 Small packages (quart) or larger quantity 
Rubber Cement 48 Individual jars or quarts/gallons for refilling jars. 
Sharpie Markers 48 Black fine and/or regular point 
White Tagboard 999 12 x 18 tagboard or larger 
White Tagboard 999 18 x 24 
Abby CoombsGobles Elementary - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Abby Coombs
Colored Markers 24  
Dry Erasers 2 For my whiteboard 
Hand Sanitizer 3  
Scissors 20 I would love to have more scissors 
Sharpies 10  
Stapler 2  
Tape 3  
Whiteboard Markers 6 Any color 
Rebecca DraytonGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Rebecca Drayton
AAA Batteries 30  
Advanced Mechanics 5 276-2045 from Vex robotics for STEM class 
balloons 30 round balloons are needed for labs 
Booster Kit 5 276-2232 from VEX robotics for STEM classes 
Metal & Hardware 5 276-2161 from VEX robotics for STEM classes 
stapler 3  
straws 100 we use different types/sizes of straws for labs 
String 5 String is used for lab activities 
Village Market 1 gift card ($5-$10) for small items 
ziploc bags 50 various sizes used for labs 
Timary FullerGobles Elementary - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Timary Fuller
Permanent markers 8 FINE TIP permanent markers, any color 
Post-it Notes 20 Any amount of any color of post-it notes, we use a ton! 
small prizes 50 small prizes like bookmarks, erasers, pencils, etc. for reading incentives 
white cardstock 2 100 count or more of large or notebook size white cardstock packs 
Mrs. GuritzGobles Elementary - Grade: 1st - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Mrs. Guritz
Crayons 20 Individual boxes of crayons 
Expo Markers 20 Whiteboard markers are a daily use in our classroom. 
Lysol Whipes 5 Disinfecting wipes 
Loriann Harbaugh
English teacher
Gobles High School - Grade: 7 & 9 - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Loriann Harbaugh
Any and all amounts   of anything are greatly appreciated. Thank you for thinking of us! 
Books for teen boys   Boys are my hardest group to reach when it comes to reading; they like action & humorous stories. 
Cheap decks of cards   Tape a card to a desk then draw a card from a duplicate pile; the student who has that card answers the question. 
CompositionNotebooks   I use these for Writer's Notebooks and give a new one to each new student who joins class: notetaking, drafting, warmup 
Fiction book   Again, I am always looking for books that will appeal to all my middle school and high school students 
Fun/Crazy stickers   Students use to decorate their Writer's Notebooks 
Hand sanitizer   Students and I go through a lot of hand sanitizer during cold and flu season 
Kleenexes!!!!   We go through a LOT of Kleenexes during cold and flu season! All year, actually. 
Non-fiction books   I always try to keep my classroom library interesting; I am always looking for quality & current non-fiction books for my 
Rolls of packingtape   Use to cover Writer's Notebooks so they cannot be easily destroyed; kids decorate covers to make it their own 
Scrapbook paper   Students use to decorate their Writer's Notebooks 
Stickers/Letters   Students use to decorate their Writer's Notebooks 
Student scissors   My co-worker borrows mine, and he could use some scissors of his own. : ) 
Kaitlyn HarrisGobles Elementary - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Kaitlyn Harris
Expo Markers 10 Kids use these for center times. 
Glue Sticks 50 Most need! We are down to 20 glue sticks for the remainder of the school year. 
Swingline Staples 1 Standard size. Fits both classroom staplers and works the best. 
Leah HermanGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Leah Herman
Construction Paper 20 Assorted Colors 
Grocery Store Giftca 1 $5 to $20 for consumable items for science labs 
Markers 15 Such as crayola for pairs of students to share on projects. 
Masking Tape 2 2 inch role 
Paper Towels 15 Clean up for science labs 
Sharpies 15 Assorted Colors 
Sharpies 15 Black 
Ticonderoga Pencils 100 The only kind that sharpen in our shapeners. 
White board Markers 32 Assorted Colors 
Wipes 15 Clean up for science labs being done in a room with no sink. 
Mrs. IvesterGobles Elementary - Grade: 4th Grade - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Mrs. Ivester
Coding Board Game 1 https://www.amazon.com/ROBOT-WARS-Coding-Board-Game/dp/B01MT5SHIB/ref=sr_1_56?ie=UTF8&qid=1486998374&sr=8-56&keyw 
Domino Rally 2 https://www.amazon.com/Domino-Rally-Classic-Dominoes-STEM-based/dp/B006ZKQ2WO/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1486998111&sr=8 
DRONE 1 My students would love a drone for our science classes. https://www.amazon.com/Syma-Quadcopter-equipped-cameras-2-4G/dp/B00MN 
Electric Pencil Shar 2 Need Electric Pencil Sharpeners for students to sharpen quickly 
Pencils 100 Always need pencils! 
SNAP Circuits Lights 1 https://www.amazon.com/SCL-175B-Snap-Circuits-Electronics-Discovery/dp/B00CIXVISU/ref=sr_1_33?ie=UTF8&qid=1486998306& 
Spiral Notebooks 50 Notebooks for Writing 
STEM Construction 2 https://www.amazon.com/Engino-Discovering-Mechanics-Cranks-Construction/dp/B01D37PLIW/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1486998111&a 
Robert LisowskiGobles High School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Robert Lisowski
Colored Pencils 1 Large box of assorted colored pencils 
Food coloring 4 Basic small boxes of food coloring 
Glue Gun 2 SureBonder Dual Temperature Glue Gun 
Index Cards 3 4" x 6" Packages of 100 
Pipe Cleaners 10 Packages of Assorted colors 
Mrs. LowerGobles Elementary - Grade: DK - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Mrs. Lower
Alphabet Pony beads   Used for variety of projects 
Aluminum foil   Used for craft projects 
Baby food containers   Empty plastic baby food containers and lids, usually rectangle shaped for crafts 
box tops   box tops for education off various food & household products 
Buttons   Any type of buttons (even used buttons) for craft projects 
Crystal light contai   Empty crystal light containers with lids (any drink mix container would work) 
Frosting containers   Empty plastic frosting containers with lids 
Hand soap containers   Empty hand soap or hand sanitizer plastic bottles with pumps for paint storage 
Kleenex boxes   Empty kleenex boxes for craft projects 
Laundry detergent li   Lids from liquid laundry detergent bottles 
Laundry detergent sc   Scoops from powder laundry detergent 
Parmesan cheese cont   Empty plastic parmesan cheese containers with lids for crafts 
Pipe cleaners   Any type of pipe cleaners for various projects 
Plastic wrap   Such as saran wrap used for craft projects 
Pony beads   Any pony beads for crafts 
Scotch tape   Refill rolls for dispensers 
Spice jars   Empty plastic spice jars with lids for crafts 
Storage bags   Any size needed of ziploc storage type bags 
Straws   Any type of straws for various projects 
Washi tape   Any color or patterns for craft projects 
Nancy Lumbert
MS/HS Library
Gobles High School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Nancy Lumbert
Barron, T. A. 1 Heartlight 
Barry, Dave 1 The Bridge to Neverland 
Bass, Guy 1 Stitch Head The Spider's Lair 
Black, Jonah 1 Faster, Faster, Faster 
Bracken, Alexandra 1 Wayfarer 
Bracken, Alexandra 1 Passenger 
Caine, Rachel 1 Paper and Fire 
Caine, Rachel 1 Ash and Quill 
Caine, Rachel 1 Ink and Bone 
Carter, Aimee 1 Queen 
Carter, Aimee 1 Captive 
Connor, Leslie 1 All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook 
Corp, Carey 1 Shades of Doon 
Cowell, Cresida 1 The Day of the Dreader 
Dayton, Arwen Elys 1 Disruptor 
Dessen, Sarah 1 Infinity 
Donbavand, Tommy 1 Flame of the Dragon 
Donbavand, Tommy 1 Wail of the Banshee 
Emerson, Kevin 1 The Eternal Tomb 
Emerson, Kevin 1 The Triad of Finity 
Funke, Cornelia 1 The Golden Yarn 
Greenland, Shannon 1 Down to the Wire 
Greenland, Shannon 1 The Winning Element 
Greenland, Shannon 1 Native Tongue 
Greenland, Shannon 1 Fight to the Finish 
Haddix, Margaret P. 1 Palace of Lies 
Howard, A. G. 1 Ensnared 
Howard, A. G. 1 Unhinged 
Hunter, Erin 1 Seekers: The Burning Horizon 
Hunter, Erin 1 Seekers: The Longest Day 
Hunter, Erin 1 Warriors: The Ultimate Guide 
Jones, Stephen 1 Zombie Apocalypse! Horror Hospital 
Kerr, Philip 1 The Grave Robbers of Genghis Khan 
Landers, Melissa 1 Starfall 
Law, Jerel 1 Shadow Chaser 
Law, Jerel 1 Fire Prophet 
Law, Jerel 1 Truth Runner 
Mafi, Tahereh 1 Ignite Me 
Mafi, Tahereh 1 Unravel Me 
Patterson, James 1 How I Got Lost In London 
Pearson, Ridley 1 The Insider 
Picoult, Jodi 1 Larger Than Life 
Poblocki, Dan 1 Hauntings and Heists 
Sage, Angie 1 Star Catcher 
Sage, Angie 1 Sand Rider 
Shan, Darren 1 Zom-B Bride 
Shan, Darren 1 Zom-B Fugitive 
Shusterman, Neal 1 Mindbenders 
Shusterman, Neal 1 Mindquakes 
Shusterman, Neal 1 Mindtwisters 
Shusterman, Neal 1 Mindstorms 
Skye, Obert 1 Pilage 
Steer, Dugald A. 1 The Dragon Prophecy 
Steer, Dugald A. 1 The Dragon's Apprentice 
Stine, R.L. 1 Can You Keep a Secret? 
Mrs. Ryder
Preschool Lead Teacher
Gobles Elementary - Grade: Preschool - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Mrs. Ryder
Crayola crayon boxes 20 box of 16 colors for projects 
glue sticks 50 glue sticks to complete art projects and cutting activities 
scrapbook paper 5 mounting projects and various art activities 
Shaina TuberganGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Shaina Tubergan
colored ink pens 20 for correcting student work 
Disinfectant wipes 5 to wipe tables and disinfect areas in the classroom 
kleenex 5 for students will runny noses 
Notebooks 25 to take notes in class, for students. 
paper towel 5 for cleaning the classroom and messes 
Pencils 60 For students to complete work 
Scrapbook Paper Pack 2 To display student work 
Trapper Keepers 3 To help students stay organized 
White Card Stock 1 to display and print student work on. 
Andrea WhiteGobles High School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Andrea White
Highlighters   Asst. Colors 
junior legal pads    
kleenex   any 
Markers   Asst. Colors--Dry Erase chisel tip 
Note cards   lined or unlined 3x5 or half size 
white out   pen style 

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