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Gobles, Michigan

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Carrie Butler
MS/HS Art teacher
Gobles High School - Grade: 7-12 - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Carrie Butler
Acrylic Paint 999 any color - tubes preferred to jars 
Beads, Ribbons, etc. 999 Any crafty, decorative items that could adorn masks. 
Brushes 72 Any type of mid-grade/quality brush 
burlap 999 by the yard - any color 
Canvas Boards 48 16 x 20 oil painting canvas covered boards 
Charcoal 36 Pencils, sticks, or compressed blocks 
Colored Pencils 48 24 Color Sets (or larger) of Crayola or Prismacolor brand 
Construction Paper 999 9 x 12 or 12 x 18 
Cotton clothesline 24 any diameter 
Crayola Markers 999 any colors - especially black 
Elmer's Glue 30 small bottles 
India Ink 24 small jars or larger jars for refilling what I have 
Oil Paint 999 any color, any size tube, Windsor Newton preferred 
Pastels 24 Chalk Pastels (12 or 24 color sets) 
Plaster 36 Small packages (quart) or larger quantity 
Rubber Cement 48 Individual jars or quarts for refilling jars. 
Sharpie Markers 48 Black fine and/or regular point 
White Tagboard 999 12 x 18 tagboard or larger 
White Tagboard 999 18 x 24 
Yarn 999 any color, any texture (no wool, please) 
Rebecca DraytonGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Rebecca Drayton
1 in masking tape 3  
2 in masking tape 3  
AAA Batteries 10  
balloons 30 round balloons are needed for labs 
D batteries 10  
electric sharpener 1 pencil sharpener for students 
stapler 3  
straws 100 we use different types/sizes of straws for labs 
String 5 String is used for lab activities 
string 5 we use strings in labs 
Village Market 1 gift card ($5-$10) for small items 
ziploc bags 50 various sizes used for labs 
Megan IvesterGobles Elementary - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Megan Ivester
Electric Pencil Shar 2 Need Electric Pencil Sharpeners for students to sharpen quickly 
Paragragh 1 Paragraph Writing 
Pencils 100 Always need pencils! 
Spiral Notebooks 50 Notebooks for Writing 
Writing 1 50 Writing Lessons That Work!: Motivating Prompts and Easy Activities That Develop the Essentials of Strong Writing 
Writing Book 1 Writing Fabulous Sentences & Paragraphs 
Robert LisowskiGobles High School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Robert Lisowski
Colored Pencils 2 Large box of assorted colored pencils 
Food coloring 4 Basic small boxes of food coloring 
Index Cards 5 3" x 5" Packages of 100 
Pencils 10 Boxes of pencils #2 
Rubber bands 2 Boxes of large rubber bands 
Nancy Lumbert
MS/HS Library
Gobles High School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Nancy Lumbert
Bass, Guy 1 Stitch Head The Spider's Lair 
Brooks, Terry 1 Straken 
Cabot, Meg 1 Underworld 
Carman, Patrick 1 The Crossbones 
Carman, Patrick 1 Ghost in the Machine 
Carman, Patrick 1 The Raven 
Carter, Ally 1 United We Spy 
Cast, P. C. 1 Redeemed 
Chima, Cinda William 1 The Sorcerer Heir 
Collins, Suzanne 1 Gregor & the Marks of Secret 
Collins, Tim 1 Dorkius Maximus in Pompeii 
Collins, Tim 1 Dorkius Maximus in Egypt 
d'Lacey, Chris 1 Rain and Fire 
Dashner, James 1 Inf. Ring The Iron Empire 
De La cruz, Melissa 1 The Gates of Paradise 
Dessen, Sarah 1 The Moon and More 
Fisher, Catherine 1 Sapphique 
Grant, Michael 1 Light 
Grant, Michael 1 Fear 
Grant, Michael 1 Plague 
Grisham, John 1 Sycamore Row 
Haarsma, PJ 1 Awakening on Orbis 4 
Haddix, Margaret P. 1 Sought 
Haddix, Margaret P. 1 Risked 
Held, Rhiannon 1 Silver 
Held, Rhiannon 1 Tarnished 
Hocking, Amanda 1 Ascend 
Hocking, Amanda 1 Switched 
Hunter, Erin 1 Fire in the Sky 
Hunter, Erin 1 Great Bear Lake 
Jinks, Catherine 1 Evil Genius 
Kate, Lauren 1 Fallen in Love 
Kibuishi, Kazu 1 Amulet 4 
Kibuishi, Kazu 1 Amulet 6 
Korman, Gordon 1 Unstoppable - Flashpoint 
Lowry, Lois 15 Number the Stars 
Marr, Melissa 1 Fragile Eternity 
Mercer, Siena 1 Switched 
Mercer, Siena 1 Re-Vamped! 
Mull, Brandon 4 Spirit Animals Series #2,3,4 5 
Ogden, Charles 1 Tourist Trap 
Ogden, Charles 1 Under Town 
Pearson, Ridley 1 Kingdom Keepers 7 The Insider 
Perez, Marlene 1 Dead is Just a Dream 
Perez, Marlene 1 Dead is the New Black 
Pike, Christopher 1 Thirst 5 The Sacred Veil 
Pike, Christopher 1 Thirst 4 The Shadow of Death 
Skye, Obert 1 Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder 
Standiford, Natalie 1 The Unstoppable - Countdown 
VanDraanen, Wendeli 1 Sammy Keyes and the Dead Giveaway 
VanDraanen, Wendelin 1 Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen 
VanDraanen, Wendelin 1 Sammy Keyes and Showdown in Sin City 
VanDraanen, Wendelin 1 Sammy Keys and the Power of Justice Jack 
Ward, Rachel 1 Numbers 2, The Chaos 
Ward, Rachel 1 Numbers 3, Infinity 
Renee RambadtGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Renee Rambadt
Construction Paper 1 1 of any color need all 
Paper Rims 4 School paper 
Pencils #2 2 Boxes of pencils 
White Board Erasers 4  
White Board Markers 4 All colors 
Mrs. Stambek
Gobles Elementary - Grade: Kindergarten - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Mrs. Stambek
Bean Bags 2 For classroom reading center 
Card Stock   Colored & White for classroom projects 
CD/tape player 1 For classroom to listen to books on CD & tape 
Clorox Wipes   To clean germs from classroom items 
Expo Markers 25 Large size markers (any color) for writing on white boards 
Glue Sticks   For classroom projects 
Highlighter Tape   Students use it to identify sight words while reading 
Highlighters 20 Multi-colored; for students to use in writing activities 
Post-it-Notes   Student/teacher use for various writing activities 
Tape Players 4 Small walkman tape player w/ headphones for individual students to listen to books on tape 
Shaina TuberganGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Shaina Tubergan
Clipboards 10 for students to use and complete work on. 
colored ink pens 30 for correcting student work, please no red or blue 
Folders 25 to keep student work in. 
glue sticks 30 for projects 
highlighting tape 3 for students to highlight in books 
Index cards 25 25 packs of index cards for notes 
Jump Drives 30 stores files on the computer 
large body pillows 2 for students to read 
Markers 30 assortment of colors 
Notebooks 25 to take notes in class, for students. 
paper towel 5 for cleaning the classroom and messes 
Pencils 60 For students to complete work 
Poster Board 30 To do projects on 
Scrapbook Paper Pack 2 To display student work 
White Card Stock 5 to display and print student work on. 
Wipes 5 to wipe tables and disinfect areas in the classroom 
Andrea WhiteGobles High School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Andrea White
Acrylic paints   Asst. Colors for culture projects 
Balloons   Asst. Sizes for pinatas 
Card stock   110lb. White, gray, green, cherry for project covers 
Dowel rods   1/4 inch diameter by 12 inches long for culture projects 
Highlighters   Asst. Colors 
Markers   Asst. Colors--Dry Erase chisel tip 
Notebooks   Single subject 
Tissue paper   Asst. Colors for pinatas 
Yarn   Asst colors/ textures for culture projects/partial skeins are ok too 

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